SGM Media GmbH is an international company engaged in developing mobile billing systems.

Our state-of-the-art offices in the Bremen university quarter are a suitable space for effective interdisciplinary brainstorming and collaboration for our team of 50.

SGM Media is all about team spirit and know-how. We offer innovative solutions in the field of mobile billing, which make mobile payments increasingly safer and easier for customers worldwide.

The continuously growing demand for mobile content calls for increasingly customized solutions. These are developed by our SGM Media team, who are very ambitious when it comes to technical performance and user experience.

SGM Media is an iVentureGroup portfolio company. Together, they continuously create and improve on synergies, with an emphasis on technology, innovation and marketing. You can find an overview of all the portfolio companies and any vacancies within the group here.

part of

SGM Media is a portfolio company of the iVentureGroup. The group focuses on technology, innovation and marketing. Our joint synergies are continuously used and optimized. For an overview of all portfolio companies and job vacancies within our group of companies, click here.


Mobile Solutions Development

Mobile Internet has long played an indispensable role in the digital age. The share of mobile users is steadily increasing and becoming more and more important; meanwhile, they also have certain demands when it comes to products and payment.

SGM Media identified these challenges early on, and seized the opportunity to reach out to an international market.

At SGM Media, we find smart software solutions through project-based development teams. That allows us to create synergies and continue to offer our employees exciting tasks, ensuring a high level of motivation and creativity. As a result, SGM Media has for many years been the leading partner for intelligent solutions where secure and customer-oriented mobile payments are concerned. SGM Media can therefore point to a growing international clientele as well as a growing number of strategic partnerships.

For some years now, SGM Media has also been successfully developing apps. That means SGM Media offers a unique user experience thanks to its innovative ideas and first-class expertise in the field of software development for apps.

IT Infrastructure

A secure and efficient IT infrastructure is the basis for the reliable operation of complex software and services; even when there is a high data load, it ensures uninterrupted operation.

In this field it is especially important to always be up to date on the latest developments. That is why SGM Media’s system administrators receive ongoing training and attend international conferences on a regular basis to exchange information. In order to make this expert knowledge available to the entire company group and to establish uniform standards, the use of location-independent resources will continue to play a vital role.

Using costly, intelligent security systems, our system administrators ensure that internal as well as external systems run reliably. Continuous monitoring guarantees a fast response and prompt intervention, ensuring reliable business operations as well as the highest degree of data security. Other pillars of our infrastructure and data security include firewalls, malware detection and defense systems, as well as reliable backup solutions.

Mobile Sales

Mobile users today want to find the right products and services easily and pay for them in an uncomplicated but secure way. Thanks to the mobile billing systems developed by SGM Media, our partners are able to optimally use these micro moments and achieve a high conversion rate.

Aside from software development for mobile payments, SGM Media has also successfully established its own performance network. Our team attends relevant trade fairs across the globe in order to address the newest trends from both the advertisers and publishers and to enter into exclusive partnerships. That guarantees the best possible terms for our partners.

A team made up of advertising and publishing managers works hand in hand with the development team to add all of the best features to our latest innovations. This ensures that the advertiser and publisher both benefit equally from SGMpro. Key features that give us our competitive edge include highly precise IP filtering, intensive monitoring and intelligent campaign steering.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is described as the systematic analysis of data, and has become indispensable in this day and age. In order to establish oneself in the fast-paced online marketing sector, figures need to be evaluated in real time and decisions need to be made on time. This is the only way for a company to survive in the long term and set itself apart from the competition.

In order to define and monitor significant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), SGM Media has invested a great deal of manpower and time in this field. Aside from the manual analysis on the newest BI tools, a great deal of emphasis is also placed on automatic monitoring, which supports the BI team and immediately reports any changes.

Furthermore, all sales figures and forecasts are prepared and generated here in order to support the management with any strategic decisions. Through continuous further

development, we aim to guarantee our existing clients the best possible support and profits while always being ready to provide potential new partners with current market values. That creates optimal conditions – even for the newest SGM Media product, the internal performance network – that enable us to immediately respond to any changes in the market and thereby continuously guarantee the best conversion rate for our partners, whether they are advertisers or publishers.


Bremen is a growing city and an attractive business location, which means its population, economic growth and employment figures are continuously on the rise.

Bremen has good infrastructure links, and everything is easily accessible by rail, road, air and water. For example, Bremen’s City Airport is located in the very heart of the city – as central as an airport can get.

The beautiful northern German city has a lot to offer its inhabitants and visitors. In addition to the modern world of work, the city can look back on more than 1200 years of history.

Since July 2nd, 2004, the town hall and the statue of Roland are now recognized as Unesco world heritage sites. The compact nature of the city means you can reach these sites and numerous other historical attractions and museums easily on foot.

From the historical market square with the world-renowned Bremen Town Musicians to shopping in the city center, there is a lot to explore. Alongside large fashion chains and department stores, you can also find unique retail stores and charming cafés in the streets and alleys.

Anyone who wishes to stroll along the Weser can find the perfect, cozy yet sociable spot along the Schlachte promenade. Here you can find large, lively beer gardens and many bars and restaurants where you can soak up the maritime atmosphere.


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